Medical Writting & Translation

Medical Writing Services Morocco

Medical Writting & Translation

Clear and accurate communication is essential in the healthcare industry, and Morocco Africa Health & Pharma is here to help. We offer a range of medical writing and translation services for pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare organizations, focusing on regulatory compliance, patient engagement and accurate translation.


Our medical writing services include the preparation of a variety of documents, such as clinical study reports, informed consent forms, protocols, regulatory documents, and patient-facing materials. Our team of experienced medical writers ensure that these documents are accurate, clear, and compliant with relevant regulatory guidelines and standards.


In addition to medical writing, we also offer accurate translation services that ensure that your documents are translated precisely into other languages, such as, French, English, Arabic, Russian and more.

Our team of experienced medical translators are fluent in multiple languages and proficient in the medical terminology. They work to ensure that your translated documents convey the same meaning and intent as the original documents, making it easy for different language speaking HCPs and patients to understand.


At MAHP, we are committed to helping you communicate effectively in the healthcare industry, making regulatory compliance easy and patient engagement seamless. Contact us today to learn more about our medical writing and translation services and how we can help you succeed.