Patient & Cargiver Support Program

Patient Support Programs Morocco

Patient & Cargiver Support Program

As a pharmaceutical company, you understand the importance of ensuring that your patients have access to the medications and treatment they need. That’s why Morocco Africa Health & Pharma offers a range of PSP (Patient Support Programs) and PAP (Patient Assistance/Aid/Affordability Programs) to help patients navigate the often-complex process of accessing and paying for the healthcare they need.


Our PSP and PAP services include a variety of support measures designed to help patients access your medications and treatments. This can include assistance with insurance coverage, including helping patients understand their insurance plans and file claims. We also offer financial assistance for copays and other out-of-pocket expenses, helping patients to afford your medications and treatments. In addition, we can help patients enroll in PAPs and other assistance programs, guiding them through the process and providing support as needed.

In addition to these practical support measures, we also offer education and support to help patients understand their treatment options and make informed decisions about their healthcare. This can include providing information about different treatment options, answering questions about your medications and their potential side effects, and helping patients to understand their rights and responsibilities as healthcare consumers.


At MAHP, we are committed to helping your patients get the care they need, regardless of their financial circumstances. Contact us today to learn more about our PSP and PAP services and how we can help your patients access the medications and treatments they need.